Encrypted Smart Data Tables

We're thrilled to announce that SNote now supports end-to-end encrypted smart data tables.


Data tables are a powerful tool that allow you to efficiently manage any project in SNote, regardless of the team size or complexity. With data tables, your team can work with clarity and speed while maintaining the highest levels of data privacy and security.

One of the great advantages of data tables is their infinite customizability. This means that you can easily tailor tables to fit your unique needs and preferences, while still ensuring that sensitive information is kept protected. Whether you need to track sales figures, monitor project progress, or organize team tasks, data tables provide a flexible and intuitive solution for all your data management needs.

Take advantage of the built-in data properties available in SNote, which include custom select values, tags, dates, numbers, checkboxes, and passwords, to create a data table that meets your specific needs.

Go ahead and give it a try or get some inspiration in our template gallery.